Takeaways From the Era of Apple

AppleWhat can we learn from the success of Apple Inc? Can we take away anything from what they did? This article summarizes in my opinion the most important features of their marketing or business philosophy. Enjoy reading.

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The Worst Year For Active Managers

Active managerAccording to data from Bank of America Merril Lynch 2010 (till the end of November) was the toughest year on record for active managers of equity mutual funds. Just one in four beat the respective benchmark. Managers of core funds fared worst – only 12% beat the market.

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The Number Of Listed Stocks Falls

NYSEHave a look at this amazing graph from Felix Salmon. It is the evolution of the number of stocks traded on NYSE and NASDAQ. The numbers have been falling since their highs in the late 90s – by 32% on NYSE and by almost 50% on NASDAQ. Amazing, I did not know that the decrease reached such an extent.

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Do Not Rely On Financial Experts!

Fund managerI have come across this interesting study from 2004 where psychology professors from the Stochholm university tested whether financial experts can beat lay people when predicting stock returns over the period of one month. (Not) surprisingly, financial experts fared worse than lay people (psychology students).  They predicted 40% of the stock movements right which is worse than tossing a coin or relying on a chimpanzee. Psychology students were successful in ca 50% of the cases… If you want to read more, click here.

Long/Short Funds Will Not Earn You Fortune

Hedge fundsOver the last 9 years the highly praised long/short funds have fared worse than short-term US government bonds. If ordinary mutual fund managers cannot beat the market why do people think that adding the possibility to short the market can beat them?… Read more here.

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Happy New Year 2011

New YearI wish all my readers and visitors of my blog all the best, good health and peace of mind. I am glad if just few people found my blog interesting. I hope I will be able to persuade even more investors that active investing is a wrong path and a waste of time.

After a short holiday I would like to start posting new articles again beginning from January 10th. Once again, I wish you all the best and good luck not only when it comes to investing:).

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Market Forecasting Has Not Worked In 2010

Bespoke Investment Group published market forecasts of various influential investment blogs for 2011. But: How have their 2010 predictions fared year to day?

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